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What Should I Know

Firm Background

The History of Porter Investments.

The Porter Investments Strategies were developed by our President and founder, Bob Porter.  His prior work at Fidelity Investments allowed him the opportunity to advise and study a diverse group of investors.  At Fidelity he realized regardless of investors backgrounds, their career successes, or their net worth – Everybody falls into the same investing traps.  One of their more damaging traps for individuals is letting their portfolio go through periods where it gives back significant portions of it's prior gains.  If investor could improve, in just that one area, their longer term results would be dramatically better.

We realized you cannot dramatically improve just by trying harder, you have to change.   Prior work with technology companies and software development provided a basis for our understanding of Quantitative models and its potential impact on investing.  Large investment firms, with large IT budgets, had been using similar systems internally for years.  Since the early 2000s, advances in software and computing power have made it possible for the individual investor to prosper.

A team of engineers, PHDs, and industry people with a history of developing proven quantitative and mathematical models was assembled.  People were sought with varying backgrounds, that collectively could bring their unique experiences and algorithms.  Many hours continue to be spent researching, analyzing, and assembling the proper combinations of these models to provide our clients with an diverse offering of Strategies seeking various risk and reward goals.  We also developed relationships with institutional trading firms to provide an efficient execution of the Strategies derived from our tactical combination of models.  Our performance is the result of those associations.

We continually look for ways to develop relationships with firms that creatively use software and other applications to improve the investors experience and outcome.  We understand that no person can time the specific top or bottom of the market.  But we strongly believe that using proven Quantitative models, utilized in proper allocations, can help the individual investor avoid and even profit from the regular market corrections.