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what should i know

Frequently Asked Questions

Account Management

What are your fees?
How often is my account traded?
What type of securities do you trade?
How are my assets protected?
How transparent and liquid are the invested securities?
Can I use multiple Strategies?

Investment Approach

Can you briefly explain your investment approach?

We seek to participate in the upward trends of the stock and bond markets, while preserving or in the more aggressive strategies, build upon any gains when those inevitable and severe markets corrections occur. In seeking continual growth of your assets, we invest differently in up and down markets. 

A great interview (old but still relevant) explaining our approach can be viewed here.

Why is your approach better?
When does your approach not work?
I feel that no one can effectively “time the market”. Is that what you are trying to do?
How is money made in a bear market?
Will your Strategies react to every 5-10% downward move in the market?

Porter Investments

I already work with a wealth management firm. What do you provide that I cannot receive from my existing firm?
Is Porter Investments a fiduciary?
How many people work for your firm?
What size is your average client relationship in terms of assets?
Do you offer Financial Planning or free Retirement Planning?