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Given where you are today, could you endure another market correction like 2008 and still retire comfortably?

 Would you like to know how? 

How much better off would you be today, if you could have at least avoided those major market corrections along the way? For a general idea, see our performance.

You have a retirement plan, but what about your market correction plan?

The kids college has been handled and the other saving contributions have mostly been done. The monthly income has or will soon peak.  Are you now more interested in consistent investment performance results and whether your retirement savings last, regardless of what happens in the markets? 

Porter Investments is a specialized money management firm based in Houston.  We work with seasoned individual investors across the United States, focusing on the sustainability of their portfolio through consistent performance.  Your life at this stage should not be spent making money that you have already made once before.  

If you do not have the time, desire, or energy to rebuild a portfolio when the next significant market correction hits, then invest 30 minutes now and schedule a visit or call 713-461-5303. 

What would the next 25% or more correction mean for your retirement?