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When it comes to investing your money,

what's your bottom line?


  • You like investing some or most of your retirement funds on your own.

  • You want to make money when the markets rise.

  • You don't want to lose much when the market drops.

  • You don't want to run out of money.

What's our bottom line?

  • We like making money too and are not afraid to show our past performance on our site.

  • We are fiduciaries, but we don't need to manage all your funds to help you. Keep your current advisors if you want.

  • We focus on quantitative, tactical solutions for the DIY investor. They are not designed for $1 Billion+ pools of money, with thousands of investors.

  • We eat what we cook - management utilizes the same investment approach with their personal assets.

If you see an overlap, please call us at 713-461-5303 or schedule an exploratory visit.

Thank you.