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Like investing on your own,

but sometimes need specialized help to fill in the gaps?



We are financial advisors to the DIY investing community.  

You've had a successful career by taking ownership and being responsible. You've seen the edge created through specialization. You still enjoy investing mostly on your own but now you seek specialized help to better navigate the "debt-crazy, fed-controlled, inflation-leaning" investing environment that may dominant your distribution years. 

As fiduciary investment advisors, that's where our complementary investment services come in. We specialize in tactical and quantitative solutions for the DIY investor. 

Located in Houston, we work with seasoned DIY and advisor-leaning investors across the United States, focusing on consistent and sustainable performance strategies for the individual investor. We also work with you to optimize the distribution of your retirement funds, so that it can align with the "second half of life" goals that you envision. 

It doesn't matter if you are 100% DIY, have multiple advisors, or some combination - we have successfully worked with all types of individual investors. To see if we are a potential fit, please call us at 713-461-5303 or schedule an exploratory visit at a time convenient for you.