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When it comes to investing 

your retirement funds,

aren't there times when you are better off doing some things yourself?



Absolutely, of course there is!  

But sometimes you may need a specialized and focused approach for at least a portion of your funds, regardless of how they are being managed now. That's where our service, that is complementary to what you are already doing, comes in.  


We are specialized financial advisors that offer tactical, quantitative solutions to the DIY investor. 

Located in Houston, we work with seasoned DIY and advisor-leaning investors across the United States, adding consistent and sustainable performance strategies to their investment playbook. Your life at this stage should not be spent remaking money that you have already made once before.

Do you have the time, desire, or energy to build back up your portfolio after the next true bear market?  Are you seeking downside protection along with letting your accounts grow with the stock market?  Then invest 30 minutes now and schedule a visit or call 713-461-5303. 

* For our purposes, a bear market is defined as a decline in price of greater than 25% from a previous high in the broad, US based equity indices, Bear markets are considered prolonged when lasting greater than 12 months in duration. While our goal is to preserve prior gains or profit from bear markets, there is no guarantee we can always be successful in achieving our goal or that account losses will be less than any predetermined or predefined amount or percentage.