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What are some of the better non-investment books we have read in the first half of 2019

Summertime is a great time to sink ourselves into something different than our regular 9-5 jobs. Here are a few notable books we have come across lately.

Leaders : Myth and Reality by Stanley McChrystal

If someone asked you "What makes a great leader?", what would you say?  This book does not just profile 12 historic leaders, but delves into the specific reasons why they each had such a significant impact on people lives. McChrystal highlights the commonalities as well as the misconceptions we have about the people we choose to rally around.

Truth, knowledge, or just plain bull by Bernard M. Patten

This 2004 book was found while cleaning out an old library of a friend.  It might cause your partner, spouse, or good friend to never want to talk to you again, but at least you will feel like you can win almost any argument.  It can be difficult to read at times if your mind is not clear,  but it does a very good job of  showing the generalizations we all incorrectly make and how we can learn to think more clearly. Who wouldn't want to learn a couple things that would help us deal with our problems more intelligently, reasonably, and realistically?

The Second Mountain by David Brooks

Published just a few months ago, you can quickly tell this is one of those books that really needs to be read, thought about, and reread some more.  It should be fully consumed. Brooks is a New York Times bestselling author that has written other enjoyable books such as The Road to Character and The Social Animal. While the book's subject may better be appreciated by those over 45 or 50 years old, this is one we all would have found helpful as we started our careers. 

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