What began as a fascination with technology has become a convergence
of investment alternatives and specialized trading software. 

Meet Bob Porter.  Bob Porter - Houston Top Money Manager

As a young man, Bob understood technology and its impact on our lives. With strong backgrounds in Computer Science and investments, Bob has obtained professional designations in both, along with 20 years of real-life experience.

At Texas A&M University, Bob received a BS in Computer Science with a concentration in Accounting. Early in his career, he developed software for financial accounting and investment modeling systems. Later, Bob’s numerous responsibilities at Fidelity Investments honed his ability to provide meaningful insight to sophisticated investors and business owners, assisting them in making crucial financial decisions.

Bob founded Porter Investments to provide its high net worth clients with a fresh, strategic investment alternative, uncompromising customer service and the ability to simplify the maze of asset management alternatives.

Throughout his professional career, he has committed his time and assets to the success of the company. That success will always be defined by the growth in the value of each clients’ account, not just the growth in the number of client accounts.