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Five for Friday : May 24, 2019

Summary Highlights

  • NOTE: Before we get too far into this, let's take at least a minute and be thankful for all the men and women we are honoring this weekend. Their sacrifices have helped keep the freedoms we have to write, read, and express our views when we want.
  • If we lied to other people as much as we lie to ourselves, we would get punched in the face.
  • Some of the best ideas, and apps, for having zero emails in your inbox during the week. Impossible? Read below.
  • If you live in a residential neighborhood, is it possible that a simple walk around your block could do more than just clear your mind for a few minutes?
  • When it comes to the markets, sometimes things will "only matter when they start to matter". Has the China trade dispute been pushed to a new level?
  • If you're a CFO, or really anyone involved at the senior management level at your firm, here is a great article about how you can expand your role.

How we lie to ourselves everyday - by way of  Farnam Street Blog 

One of the biggest faults I've seen all investors make after 20 years of observing them is how easily we can change the investment stories we create and tell ourselves. Turns out this may be a problem for a lot more things in life than just investing in the stock market.

Finally, 5 quick ideas to control your email - by way of  Medium.com 

Great article written by a CEO with 200+ employees and 20,000 customers. I have incorporated some of these ideas and they really do help. 

Maybe life should really be "a walk in the park" - by way of  TheConversation.com 

Something to think about as the weather has heated up and summer is upon us.

The trade conflict with China may have moved to a new level - by way of  Fidelity.com 

As a rule, I do not really try to predict or anticipate future market reactions. For one, you cannot do it with a degree of accuracy that would make you comfortable enough to take significant action every time. Additionally, that's really why we have multiple quantitative models successfully guiding client accounts - so we don't have to try and do that.  That being said, I thought this article clearly and succinctly discusses why the markets might finally be paying attention to the trade dispute.  

How to be more than just a number cruncher for your firm - by way of  Profilemagazine.com 

A good, long-time friend of mine talks about how he has successfully expanded his role as a CFO while working with some major Houston companies.

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