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Five for Friday - July 12, 2019

Summary Highlights

  • One of the best reports, published quarterly, that shows what's going on in the financial markets.
  • You will probably never see another wine cellar like this.
  • What are the main components to rising health care costs.
  • Flight attendants share some eye opening experiences
  • Some ideas to think about before sharing your opinion with someone.

Market over extended long term? Yield curve inverted? Due for a recession? Your go to charts and graphs. - via JPMorgan.com 

A regular quarterly report form JP Morgan that is always packed with great charts, tables, and graphs showing what the financial markets are doing. 

Do you truly love great wine? How much would you pay for a double magnum 1947 Chateau Latour? - via 1843magazine.com 

What about the stemware?

You knew the cost of health care seems to always rise, but did you know this? - via InstitutionalFidelity.com

Is it possible that one day health care will cost more in retirement than housing?

You may have bad days at the office but do they compare to what some flight attendants experience? - via News.com.au

If true, then flight attendants are underpaid.  

Your opinion is noted but not appreciated! - via Qz.com

How well do you take advice?  

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