While market fluctuations are inevitable, similar fluctuations in your account are not. Our position is that the traditional “buy and hold” approach and always adhering to the “look at it over the long term” motto has a propensity for complacency and inconsistency. This perpetuates the belief that you are destined to give back meaningful portions of your gains because of market volatility. Our approach is an alternative for at least a portion of your portfolio.

We believe that by being proactive, you can better determine your own destiny through the use of quantitative models. Quantitative models help to “quantify” potential changes in market trends and behavior. This allows us to utilize a more tactical investment approach. When it comes to potentially harmful downside moves in your account, we will act accordingly and not wait for the market to decide when it will end. Liquid, transparent index based mutual funds and ETFs provide us that flexibility.

At Porter Investments, we believe that most growth investors want the same outcome.  You want consistent and sustainable growth by participating in the upward movements of the markets but capital protection during troubled times. We seek returns every year, regardless of what happens in the markets.

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